Death Cafe, now Mondays at Renew

Every Monday, we will be hosting a Death Cafe at Renew Malmesbury. Open to all, it is a chance to talk about all aspects of this often delicate topic, including the practicalities, emotional and spiritual. There is tea, coffee and biscuits, and the atmosphere is relaxed, informal.

The sessions are led by Eliza. Here is what she told us about herself and the Death Cafe:

“I am a retired psychiatric Social Worker and group facilitator. I have worked mostly in Southern Ireland and a bit in London in the 60ties. As you can tell I am quite old born in 1935. in Stroud. 

“I have had a few opportunities of being with people who are dying even able to help and felt very privileged 

“I have a spiritual perspective and see it as a shame that our culture has taken a view of death as fearful and a failure in some way. 

“I have attended the very thriving Death Cafe in Nailsworth and hope this one here in Malmesbury will thrive too, gently collecting  people to help them accept death as normal and without fear. We plan to have people attending who are experiencing work with dying people and those working in the funeral business as well as those os us getting nearer to the day.”


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