RENEW Malmesbury CIC Equality and Inclusion Policy

Renew Malmesbury CIC wants to be open and inclusive to all employees,
volunteers, residents, tourists and other users of its facilities. We recognise
that some groups and individuals are likely to experience discrimination and
harassment and commit to working hard to operate in an equal and inclusive
way. In particular we aim to be as welcoming as possible and to create an
atmosphere of friendship,mutual respect and care for each other.
We aim to treat everyone as equal as we possibly can regardless of their age,
disability, gender reassignment, relationship status, pregnancy or maternity,
race,religion or beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

Discrimination is when a person is prevented from taking part in something
based on a particular characteristic they have.
Harassment is when someone behaves in a way which makes someone feel
distressed, humiliated or threatened.
The Equality Act 2010 identifies a list of “protected characteristics” it is illegal
for an organisation to harrass or discriminate against. This list is given under
the Aims.

Whilst our space, in an old listed building, may not be fully accessible to
wheelchair users we want to ensure that our services are. We will deliver
services in alternative wheelchair friendly environments as the need arises.
We will provide free spaces, at our activities, for our users who can only attend
if they bring a carer.

We recognise the need to reach out to encourage and welcome everyone and
for this reason we will endeavour to appoint someone with a responsibility for
encouraging and helpful outreach into our community.

Renew Malmesbury CIC wants to positively embed its provision in the
community. We aim to organise a range of events and activities to suit the
interests of a wide variety of people.
For instance we will organise a range of workshops/courses covering a range
of activities and at different price points. We are particularly keen to facilitate
the sharing of knowledge with one another.

All complaints of inequality and harassment should be reported to the
Directors of Renew Malmesbury at
Complaints will be taken very seriously, handled sensitively and fully
investigated. Any action plan arising from the investigation will be shared with
all parties.

Renew Malmesbury is very open to hearing ideas from our users and
communities and feedback will be welcome and actioned.

This policy was written in September, 2021

It will form part of all staff, volunteers and workshop/course providers

It will be reviewed annually.